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A premium service based on 30 years' experience

Transvalor is a world leader for simulation software in the field of material forming. Thanks to its continuous R&D policy, Transvalor's software solutions are always at the cutting edge of technology.

More than 500 customers throughout the world – including major players in the automotive, aeronautics and energy industries, and prestigious universities – place their trust in Transvalor and in its software, thereby guaranteeing their efficiency and reliability.

To allow you to gain easy access to these technologies, Transvalor offers a team of simulation experts in the various fields of material forming. This team will conduct the kind of simulation studies for your company that you cannot or may not wish to carry out internally.

A department dedicated to your simulations

Your requirements effectively translated
Based on exchanges with your specialists, Transvalor will translate your industrial requirements in terms of digital  simulation to accurately describe our proposed service.
Our offer will match your requirements as closely as possible in terms of lead times, budget and expected results.


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Hot and cold material forming
Metal cast forming
Forming of polymers and composites

Unique resources at your disposal
For the delivery of your service, we provide you with:

  • Transvalor's expertise in simulation

  • the most recent software versions

  • latest-generation computational resources

Analyzed and interpreted results
Throughout the study, we maintain contact with you to keep you informed of the project's progress. On completion of the study, we present our main conclusions to you via a Web conference.
At your request, we can also provide you with the resulting files and the means with which to analyze them.

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Advice and training

TRANSVALOR can also provide you with support to allow you to gain proficiency in the aspects highlighted during the execution of your study. You can benefit from tailored thematic training either on your company premises, on Transvalor premises, or via Web conference.

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