Access additional resources at any time!

The BOOST offer is a token overflow offer also known as “burst licensing”. It is a quick and easy solution allowing users to access additional resources at any time on a per-use basis.



Do you need to run a calculation with more tokens than are currently available in your license pool? Trigger the “Token BOOST” and extra tokens will be added for the duration of the simulation.


"I have an urgent project and the 10 tokens of my license are already in use. To meet to this one-off need for an increase in computing capacity, I want to run my calculations on 12 cores.
I select the Token BOOST


Feature BOOST

Do you need features that are not included in your license? Trigger the “Feature BOOST” and widen the scope of the processes that you can simulate for the duration of your calculation.


I have a COLDFORM® license and I need to simulate a tempering operation on my parts. I select the Feature BOOST.


I have a THERCAST® Foundry & Ingot Casting ESSENTIAL license. I wish to perform a thermo-mechanical simulation to improve precision. I select the Feature BOOST.

You can also combine a Token BOOST with a Feature BOOST!

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What are the benefits for you?

  • Accelerate innovation by taking advantage of the Transvalor software suite and perform simulations that are not included in your standard license
  • Be faster or more precise by increasing your computing power during peak loads or for a large project
  • Optimize the use of your infrastructure by freely increasing the utilization rate of your servers
  • Control your consumption in real time thanks to the dedicated web portal
  • Optimize your budgets with invoicing as close as possible to your true needs in terms of both tokens and features

Enhance your flexibility


Adapt your investment according to variations in income within your organization. Directly related to the activity, find a better balance between your operating expenses (OPEX) or capital expenses (CAPEX) and thus adjust your software expenses according to your financial policy.


Increase your productivity


Thanks to the remarkable parallel efficiency of our software, the cost of additional tokens is offset by much shorter computation times. With the Token BOOST, the cost of “1 additional token for 10 hours” is approximately the same as of “10 additional tokens for 1 hour”.



How works the BOOST offer

BOOST process

When the calculation starts, the application queries the local license server. If additional tokens (in number or in features) are necessary, then the global license server is directly queried and provides the missing tokens during the calculation period.

BOOST solver



A web portal to master your consumption

The web portal gives you detailed information on consumption by user and by product. The administrator can set a maximum threshold that should not be exceeded. He/she can also designate users authorized to benefit from the service.


Pricing of the BOOST Licensing

  • The user is billed per time spent depending on the number of tokens and/or additional features chosen
  • The price is set in accordance with the terms of the BOOST license agreement and takes into account the license and the number of tokens already in place in your organization
  • Only the calculation time is invoiced; setup and results analysis times will not be invoiced
  • Our sales department is at your disposal to provide any additional information


Prerequisites of the offer

  • The offer is available for products from the version FORGE® NT 3.2, SIMHEAT® NxT 1.2, COLDFORM® NxT 2.2, THERCAST® NxT 2.1.
  • Install LM-X License Manager v4.9.4b
  • Have an Internet access to obtain additional tokens


The BOOST Licensing offer is only available at the present time in the countries listed hereafter : France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia , Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bharain, Qatar, South Africa, Australia. Other geographical regions will be progressively covered during year 2021. 

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