Simulation of rolling processes with FORGE®

Rolling can be used for the production of flat products (plates or sheets), or long products (profiles, tubes) made of various materials (steel, aluminum, titanium alloy, …).

With FORGE®, it is possible to simulate both types of product manufacturing. Tube rolling used by the nuclear or petroleum industries is also possible.

The simulation helps validating the rolling mill characteristics, for instance the number of required rolling stands, the initial feeding speed, the reduction ratio per pass, the temperature & rotation speed of the rolls and the friction conditions.

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Simulation of rolling process with FORGE®


predictive simulation

FORGE® allows the accurate prediction of:

  • The deformation rate and the temperature evolution per pass
  • The shape of the product at any time of the process
  • Loads and torques of the rolling stands
  • The metallurgical changes such as phase transformation
  • The potential defects like laps, hot tearing, twisting or ripple effects

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