Colloquium on polymeric materials in the field of sport and leisure

Transvalor will take place in the colloquium on Polymer Materials in the field of Sport and Leisure, in Chambéry, France, in 2021.

The colloquium is organized by four peers in the field of innovation for sports and leisure: the SFIP (French Society of Plastic Engineers), CNEP (National Center for Photoprotection Assessment), OSV (outdoor cluster) and the Techtera competitiveness cluster.


Towards innovation and performance of plastic components

The sports and leisure industry is constantly seeking development in terms of design and functional characteristics, whether for sports equipment, accessories or sports facilities.

The polymer materials used to manufacture these applications are therefore at the heart of research and development in the sector.

To meet the challenges of this market, the colloquium will focus on performance, innovation and lifespan of plastic components.


Simulation of polyurethane foam injection processes

Aurore Ully (REM3D® Product Manager) and Vincent Royer (Plastics Engineer) will represent Transvalor and hold a conference on the benefits of simulating plastic injection processes in the field of sport and leisure.

  • "Innovative computer aided engineering applied to sports equipment made of polyurethane foams" ​READ THE ABSTRACT >

Their presentation will show the simulation of an industrial example of polyurethane foam injection applied to the running shoes soles, simulated with REM3D®.

Example of PU foam injection applied to a sole - REM3D® simulation

REM3D® is a simulation software for plastics injection processes and especially for the simulation of chemical foaming for flexible and rigid foams. The simulation thus makes it possible to predict the evolution of the density of the foam within the molded object, to validate the position of the vents and to optimize the mass to be injected.

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