Transvalor and Elysium to Release CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition: Guarantee Instant Reuse of Design Data in CAE Analysis

MOUGINS, France - April 27, 2017 - Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces the first release of “CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition1,” a tailored version of Elysium CADdoctor, an industry-proven application for 3D data translation and optimization.

Transvalor and Elysium are proud to announce the release of CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition; scheduled to be released summer 2017. The custom edition of CADdoctor is designed specifically for Transvalor users to improve data quality and interoperability.

CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition will feature data export directly to Transvalor solutions that will guarantee:

  1. First-time success in reading optimized 3D model into FORGE®, COLDFORM®, THERCAST®, REM3D®, and other Transvalor products
  2. Accurate results in forging, forming, casting, and injection molding simulations in Transvalor solutions

Other Key Features of CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition:

  • Multi-CAD Import
    Translate 3D models in multi CAD formats into proprietary format for Transvalor solutions
    Supported formats: CATIA V5, Creo Parametric, NX, Parasolid, JT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, VRML, Nastran, and Point Cloud
  • Geometry Healing
    Check and repair the geometry / topology problems to prevent failures in data import, mesh generation in CAE tools etc.
  • Geometry Simplification
    Recognize and remove geometry features such as fillets, chamfers, holes, bosses and ribs, and steps to simplify the geometry for effective CAE analysis
  • Solid Envelope
    Create 3D models without interior parts (outline only) by deleting those interior parts or integrating the entire assembly model into a single solid model
  • Polygon Healing
    Check and repair polygon data

1: CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition will be distributed by Transvalor and its authorized distributors worldwide, and the first availability is scheduled for summer 2017.


Manufacturing process analysis with TRANSVALOR solutions turn into more effective and reliable environment with the following benefits of CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition:

  • Manage Native CAD Format to Provide Reliable Geometries
    End-user avoids every situation of loss of geometry due to transfer from native CAD format to standard exchange format such as STEP. Typically, forging designers will now import their tooling geometries in native CAD files and convert them into Transvalor format prior to perform their FORGE® simulation.
  • Shorten the Workflow for Data Set-up
    The auto-check and auto-heal function bring comfort in the sense that most defects & geometrical errors will be automatically treated saving lots of preparation work. In forging design, common problematic situations (e.g. unstitched surfaces, short edges, etc.) are likely to be encountered in transition areas near the flash entrance or along the parting line with small fillet radii. Hence, designers will be no longer slowed down by tedious surface meshing correction.    
  • Improve Mesh Quality for Faster & Greater Simulation Results
    CAD models often show tiny geometrical details which can result in heavy CAE models with very fine local mesh. The geometry simplification capability of CADdoctor TRANSVALOR Edition streamlines the model and drastically reduces the resulting number of nodes. It is noticeable on casting or injection molding application that an average reduction of 30% for the total number of surface nodes will result in a computation time nearly divided by 3. This astonishing feature is the perfect companion to the unique self-adaptive AAA remeshing technique that is incorporated into TRANSVALOR solvers.