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Performance and flexibility of Cloud Computing to serve your industry!

NEW: Transvalor Cloud Computing is now available for FORGE® and THERCAST® ! *


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Transvalor Cloud Computing

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Why should I use Transvalor Cloud Computing?

4 good reasons to use Transvalor Cloud Computing

1 - Flexibility

  • Simple web browser-based access
  • On-demand stop and restart
  • Access simulation data from everywhere

2 - Ease of use 

  • Instantly up and running with pre-installed software
  • Same look, feel and functionalities
  • Perform Pre and Post-processing along with computing

3 - No compromise on Security

  • Highest security standards
  • Encrypted data protection
  • Access via 256-bit AES SSL encryption

4 - Performance and Cost-effectiveness

  • Run concurrent simulations
  • Use latest hardware generations
  • Only pay for what you need and time you use


Transvalor Cloud Computing can be used on desktop computer or on laptop.

Who is Transvalor Cloud Computing for?

  • As an experienced user, you need additional computing power to complete projects which require a high level of accuracy.
  • As a standard user, you are facing simulation workload peaks which cannot be covered by your on-premise infrastructure.
  • As a casual user, you wish to limit hardware costs and IT support to start using the software.


For which software Transvalor Cloud Computing is available?

Transvalor Cloud Computing can be used for FORGE® NxT 3.0, FORGE® NxT 2.1 SP1 and THERCAST® NxT 1.0.
Our cloud service will be gradually extended to our other software.

    FORGE<sup>®</sup> THERCAST<sup>®</sup>

In which countries Transvalor Cloud Computing is availble?

For now, Transvalor Cloud Computing is only available for companies based in Europe.
In the short term, our service will cover other geographical areas.

How to access Transvalor Cloud Computing?

  • Sign up for Transvalor Cloud Computing through your Transvalor sales representative or contact us here
  • Use the login credentials emailed to you and instantly access your compute environment through a web browser
  • Run as many simulations as you wish for as long as you wish
  • Post-process your simulation results in the cloud or download to your workstation


​At which tariffs and conditions is proposed Transvalor Cloud Computing ?

  • Tarification includes: license, hardware and technical support costs. 
  • Training for new users is not included.
  • For 6, 12 or 24 cores
  • Minimum service: 10 days
  • Possible service extension
  • Data storage: 90 days
  • Pause and restart capability

Tarification is available until 31/12/2019. Prices are likely to evolve for year 2020.

FORGE® Cloud Computing is a service provided by UberCloud company.
Transvalor and UberCloud have partnered up to create FORGE® Cloud Computing as the best solution to support your daily engineering.



Watch the demo of Transvalor Cloud Computing


Customer feeback:

'A good feeling when operating the solution either from the office workstation or from my home PC'

Forges de Courcelles, Sifcor Group





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