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FORGE® Cloud Computing

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The Power of Cloud Computing to serve the Forging Industry

  Who is FORGE® Cloud Computing for?

FORGE® Cloud Computing is designed for those who wish to accelerate their daily business.
Leverage the most up-to-date technology: Transvalor and UberCloud have partnered up to provide FORGE® Cloud Computing as the best solution to support your daily engineering needs.


The offer for FORGE® Cloud Computing is currently under final review and will be soon available!

  • As an experienced user, you need additional computing power to complete projects which require a high level of accuracy.
  • As a standard user, you are facing simulation workload peaks which cannot be covered by your on-premise infrastructure.
  • As a casual user, you wish to limit hardware costs and IT support to start using the software.
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  Why should I use FORGE® Cloud Computing?

  • Choose a cost-effective solution that is tailored to your needs
  • Hold your deadlines without the hassle of time-consuming and lengthy hardware upgrades
  • Gain in flexibility by accessing your simulation data from anywhere and collaborating with your team
  • Accelerate your simulation delivery time by using top end hardware
  • Keep your budget under control
  • Get a single point of support for both cloud hardware and software

What are the key features of FORGE® Cloud Computing?

1 - Ease of Use

  • No local workstation installation
  • Instantly up & running
  • Same look, feel and functionalities
  • Perform Pre and Post-processing along with computing

2 - Cost-Effective Performance

  • Lightweight container technology
  • Use latest hardware generations
  • Only pay for what you need and time you use

3 - Flexible

  • Run concurrent simulations
  • Multiple users can access the same FORGE® cloud instance
  • Access simulation data from anywhere at anytime

4 - No Compromise on Security

  • Highest security standards
  • Encrypted data protection
  • Access via 256-bit AES SSL encryption

  How to access FORGE® Cloud Computing?

  • Sign up for FORGE® Cloud Computing through your Transvalor sales representative
  • Use the login credentials emailed to you and instantly access your compute environment through a web browser
  • Run as many simulations as you wish for as long as you wish
  • Post-process your simulation results in the cloud or download to your workstation

Download the product information
For any further information please contact our Sales Department