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FORGE® NxT addressing ring rolling process

Ring rolling is used to produce rings, for example for the aerospace industry (engine components) and the energy industry (windmill parts). The automotive industry also employs ring rolling to manufacture bearings, most often at ambient temperature. FORGE® NxT allows precise simulation of ring rolling of conventional and shaped rings.

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Ring rolling of a low alloyed steel shaped ring used as a bearing in a windmill. This simulation was carried out with the UPEM module which, in that case, was fed by Muraro, a press and ring rolling mills producer, and a TRANSVALOR customer.

FORGE® addresses all these industries challenges with the prediction of:

  • Final shape of the ring and correct filling for shaped rings,
  • Flaws (for example fish tail),
  • Temperature distribution and required reheat,
  • Microstructure,
  • Efforts and torques.

Competitive features:

  • Accurate temperature and state variable calculation,
  • High parallel scalability for optimal CPU time speed-up,
  • Dedicated technic for ring rolling dies representation to increase accuracy and reduce computation time,
  • Specific mechanical approach Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) method
  • Microstructure prediction with available data for aerospace and energy industry materials,
  • Real kinematic applied for refined process simulation and centering rolls considered,
  • Possible coupling with an external piloting module – User Piloting External Module (UPEM) – to reproduce the real shop floor complex kinematic.
Ring rolling of a waspalloy shaped ring for the aerospace industry, with microstructure prediction. Average diameter (µm) is represented on the ring itself and plotted on 3 sensors.


FORGE - Radial-axial circular rolling simulation.png

Radial-axial circular rolling simulation with FORGE® software

Vertical circular rolling simulation with FORGE®