Level: Intermediate

Inter-company course: Yes

In-company course: Yes

Based on industrial examples, this training will allow you to improve the design of your dies before manufacturing them! You will be able to assess wear, quantify their deformation and predict their premature failure.


COLDFORM_von-mises 1-1To reduce the cost of parts and speed up production cycles, there is growing interest in die analysis in the cold forming field. After this course, participants will know how to setup, analyze and interpret their computations on the dies. A number of computation modes will be covered (rigid, uncoupled, coupled) and the advantages of each method will be detailed. On the second day, the accent will be on implementing computation with pre-stressed dies and on the ‘Virtual Interference Fit’ technique that is specific to 3D simulations. The proposed exercises allow precisely understanding the computation results (equivalent stress, main stress, abrasive wear, contact time, etc.). This way you will have a full panel of recommendations to quickly and reliably interpret issues relating to dies. 


  • Importing assembly files in CAD format (stl, step, etc.)
  • Working with prestressed dies and assessing interference fit
  • Simulating die mechanical and heat behavior (failure, fatigue)
  • Analyzing and interpreting results (wear, stress, etc.)

Duration: 1.5 day

Dates 2024 (inter-company training): 23-24 May / 06-07 August

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