Level : Intermediate

Inter-company course: Yes

In-company course : Yes
Do you want to further increase your productivity? Learn how to use the new features in COLDFORM® NxT 4.1 and make them work for you!



By the end of this course, you will be able to use all new features in COLDFORM® NxT 4.1 and work with the best practices to configure data and analyze results. COLDFORM® NXT 4.0 provided a new user experience thanks to the optimization module freshly implemented in its interface. The new graphical functionalities will also be covered in this course. You will appreciate the new developments such as the phase field approach used in shearing processes, and take advantage of the reduction of the computation time in 2D. The implementation of local remeshing in 3D improves the quality and accuracy of the solutions. It is now possible to model the steady state in cold rolling. This approach reduces the computation time.


  • Mastering the new features in COLDFORM NxT 4.1
  • Taking advantage of the new features of the interface to configure data and analyze results faster
  • Increasing the predictive quality of simulation with more realistic data setups
  • Gaining experience based on practical case studies

Duration: 1 day

Dates 2024 (inter-company course): 11 June / 08 October

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