Level : Intermediate

Inter-company course : No

In-company course: Yes
Do you want to optimize your Electrical Upsetting process and parameter your production machine correctly? This training is made for you.


FORGE_3.0_electric_upsetting_processAt the end of this training, you will be able to configure an electrical upsetting simulation and analyze the results specific to this process. After a review of the fundamental theory, you will study the key points of data configuration: meshing parameters in the areas of interest, definition of current input and output. The course will then focus on the analysis of the result fields relevant to electrical upsetting. The second day will be devoted to the simulation of a customer case. This training will give you the knowledge needed to optimize and parameter your processes correctly and obtain the perfect preform.


  • Mastering the graphical user interface
  • Understanding the physical phenomena involved in Electrical Upsetting
  • Configuring an Electrical Upsetting simulation: mesh, current
  • Understanding and predicting with accuracy:
    • Thermal data: heating, temperature evolution...
    • Electrical data: current density, electrical potential, Joule heat power...*
  • Kinematics data: anvil motion, direction, height, velocity...
  • Shape obtained during Preforming
  • Continuity of the marking grid obtained after the final forging operation

Duration: 1.5 days

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