Level: Intermediate

Inter-company course: Yes

In-company course: Yes

Master the graphical interface and assimilate the latest FORGE® functionalities: multi-project mode, sensor and marking techniques and the personalization of data 'store'.


After this course you will have developed in-depth expertise on the newly redesigned graphic interface, one that speeds up data setup and result analysis. This will bring you enhanced knowledge of the very latest solver functions. You will discover how the multi-project mode works, sensors and marking techniques as well as how to customize the data stores. Regarding computing, emphasis will be put on features like ‘bi-mesh’ in open die forging, anisotropic remeshing and heat treatment processes.


  • Performing your data setup with the new ‘workflow’ set-out by the new graphic user interface
  • Launching ‘step by step’ or ‘entire process’ computation
  • Understanding and analyzing the results
  • Customizing your working environment

Duration: 2 days

Dates 2024 (inter-company training): 15-16 February / 19-20 June / 3-4 September / 16-17 October

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