Level : Intermediate Inter-company course : Yes In-company course : Yes

You want to further increase your productivity. Develop the right reflexes to make the most of all the new functionalities of the FORGE® NxT 3.2 version!

FORGE_prosthesis_contour_linesBy the end of this course, you will be able to use the new features in FORGE® NxT 3.2 and work with the best practices to configure data and analyze results. FORGE® NxT 3.2 improves your experience through user interface customization, faster and easier navigation, and new shortcuts.  You will also enjoy advanced options such as the drag and drop of files in setup mode or the custom actions in analysis mode. The new solver functions will also be covered in this course.


  • Mastering the new features in FORGE® NxT 3.2
  • Taking advantage of the new features of the interface to configure data and analyze results faster
  • Increasing the predictive quality of your simulations with more realistic data setups
  • Pick-up experience based on practical case studies

Duration: 1 day

Dates 2021 (inter-company course): 16 February / 15 June / 19 October

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