Level: Intermediate

Inter-company course: Non

In-company course: Yes

You will discover how to setup the data for circular radial, vertical and radial-axial rolling, from the creation of the ring to the configuration of the process while taking into account the real kinematics of the rolling process.

ring rolling training FORGERing rolling process is used to produce rings for the aerospace industry (engine components) and the energy industry (wind turbine parts). It is also used by the automotive industry to manufacture bearings, most often at ambient temperature. This training will teach you how to effectively and precisely simulate this process in two days. You will discover how to perform data setup for radial, vertical and radial-axial rolling, from creating the ring to configuring the process while taking account of the rolling process kinematics. You will also discover sensor and marking functions.


  • Data setup for ring rolling, radial and radial-axial cases
  • Using the actual kinematics of the process for circular, radial and radial-axial rolling data setup
  • Developing fruitful exchanges with our simulation experts
  • Analyze the main results (shape, strain, defects, stresses, etc.)

Duration: 1.5 days

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