Level : Advanced

Open course : No

In-company course : Yes

Find out how to anticipate mechanical and metallurgical properties after heat treatment, final hardness and residual stresses and learn to simulate a complete sequence.


Quenching AMW_2Heat treatment is an essential stage on the way to achieving mechanical and metallurgical properties that are compliant with the specifications for the forging. This course covers the key points in heat treatments applied to forged steels and aluminum alloys. After this course, participants will know how to perform martensitic quenching, carburizing, austenitization, precipitation hardening of aluminum, how to how to work from TTT or CCT diagrams and especially, how to fully analyze all of the computation results (phase, hardness, stress transformation, etc.). This way you will be able to predict the final properties of the parts and their metallurgy, as part of an overall computation comprising forging and the related heat treatment.


  • Defining process conditions so as to achieve the best mechanical properties: increasing superficial hardness, temperature resistance, ductility and mechanical resistance and residual stress
  • Being able to predict changes in the microstructure during heating or cooling
  • Observing the influence of carbon diffusion over the surface hardness variation
  • Determining the ideal treatment conditions to reduce cycle times

Duration: 2 days

Dates 2024 (in-company training): 19-20 March / 16-17 July / 12-13 November

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