Level : Beginner Open course : Yes In-company course : Yes

Perfect your use of the finite element method and understand how it is applied to solving large  deformation issues. This way you can improve the quality of your results with a better understanding of numerical aspects.


During this course, you will cover the essentials of finite element modeling and apply it to the mechanics of continuous environments. This day lets participants broaden their numerical knowledge ready for putting Transvalor software solutions to more intense use, especially FORGE®, COLDFORM® and SIMHEAT®. You will study the fundamentals linked to mechanical and thermal solvers, meshing and remeshing as well as the differences between formulations (Lagrangian, Eulerian or ALE). Through examples and during the simulation analysis workshops, participants will be able to understand the impact that numerical parameters have on the results obtained.


  • Knowing the basics of finite element in order to make better use of our products and take advantage from the simulation
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the finite element method: from the thermal equation to the mechanics
  • Gaining a more in-depth knowledge of space and time discretization
  • Mastering meshing and remeshing principles
  • Learning how to determine material behavior
  • Checking the impact of numerical parameters on the end result

Duration: 1 day

Dates 2024 (in-company training): 17 January / 22 May / 17 September

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