Level: Beginner

Inter-company course: No

In-company course: Yes

Start the REM3D® experience and simulate your foam molding processes. This will give you a head start on understanding physical phenomena and thus aiming at better optimization of your current processes.


REM3D_foam_injection_steering_wheelThis course constitutes your first approach to REM3D® software for the PU forma injection molding process. From examples inspired by industrial applications, you will cover the various aspects of forma filling and expansion.
You will learn all of the necessary stages starting with setup, then starting the simulation and wrapping up with an analysis of results. During the first day, you will have the opportunity to review the essentials on chemical foam work and you will understand how to use the wealth of functions such as sensors or isovolumes.
The second day will be devoted to a more in-depth study of industrial cases illustrating how variations in process conditions influence mold optimization and cycle times.


  • Data setup for a PU foam molding case
  • Launching a computation on a multi-core machine
  • Analyzing results
  • Identifying and interpreting injection-expansion faults (underfilling, etc.)
  • Monitoring physical values (temperature, density, etc.) at any point on the part
  • Testing the influence of process parameters (injected mass, flow rate, gate position, regulation temperature, etc.)
  • Understanding how to characterize PU foams

Duration: 2 days

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