Level : Beginner

Inter-company course : No

In-company course : Yes

Discover and learn how to use DIGIMU®. You will work on different grain growth modeling and dynamic recrystallization techniques.


DIGIMU_3dThis training aims to help you to discover how to use our DIGIMU® software to simulate microstructural changes during metal forming processes, both at the mesoscopic scale and via representative elementary volumes (REVs). You will work in part on various grain growth modeling techniques, dynamic recrystallization and microstructural changes during heat treatment. At the end of this day, you will also know how to analyze the results of these computations. 


  • Mastering the graphic interface
  • Modeling grain growth by capillarity at the grain scale (several millimeters) via 2D Representative Elementary Volume Element (RVE)
  • Modeling grain growth with or without second phase particles
  • Importing grain distribution from experimental data
  • Predicting microstructural changes occurring during metal alloy thermomechanical processes and heat treatment.
  • Modeling dynamic and post-dynamic recrystallization
  • Analyzing simulation results

Duration: 1 day

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