Level : Beginner Inter-company course : Yes In-company course : Yes

FORGE® Hot Metal Forming ESSENTIAL is suitable for most standard hot forging processes and is specifically designed for Closed Die Forging.

FORGE-3-steps-closed-dieThe FORGE® Hot Metal Forming Essential module helps you to validate your forging process chains, especially regarding the metal flow, the detection of major defects and the forging efforts. During day 1, you will learn how to configure the simulation of a process, how to run calculations, and how to analyze its main results. Day 2 will cover additional features for the prediction of defects and the optimization of your manufacturing processes.


  • Configuration of the simulation of one of your hot forging processes
  • Analysis of the simulation results
  • Identification of forging defects (folds, cracks, etc.) and causes
  • Display of grain flow and monitoring of physical values (temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Workspace customization

Duration: 2 days

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