Level: Beginner

Inter-company course: No

In-company course: Yes

Discover the range of possibilities of SIMHEAT®. Key functionalities will be addressed such as aluminum treatments, induction heat treatments and surface treatments.


This training is your first approach to the SIMHEAT® software. The first day gives you an understanding of all of the data setup steps, how to create material files and TTT diagrams, the procedure for launching computations and how to analyze the main results. Day two will be devoted to a more thorough analysis of a complete panel of results for better interpretation of the physical phenomena. Key functions will be covered such as treatments for aluminum and heat treatments via induction as well as surface treatments. Customizing your working environment will then be covered.


  • Discovering the interface for data set up and report analysis
  • Creating your own TTT diagram using SIMHEAT®
  • Data set up of a heat treatment case of a forged, cold formed or cast part
  • Running a computation and analyzing the simulation results
  • Defining the process conditions in order to obtain the best mechanical properties
  • Be able to predict the microstructure changes during heating or cooling
  • Observing the influence of the diffusion of carbon on the changes in surface hardness
  • Determining the ideal treatment conditions in order to reduce cycle times

Duration: 3 days

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