Level : Beginner

Inter-company course : No

In-company course : Yes

Discover the different functionalities of the software, all the steps involved in setting up a laser welding case and how to analyze the main results.


TRANSWELD laser welding Analysis-TempMany industrial sectors such as the aeronautical or automotive industries use laser beam welding to assemble parts while maintaining a metallurgical continuity between them. This training is your first approach to TRANSWELD® software that simulates laser beam welding for all types of metals. You will learn how to use the software functionalities, how to configure the data of a laser beam welding simulation and how to analyze the main results. The course will also cover topics such as Automated Adaptive Anisotropic remeshing, the configuration of the laser beam and the customization of the working environment.


  • Mastering the new graphical interface
  • Using TRANSWELD® to configure a laser beam welding simulation
  • Customizing your working environment for greater effectiveness
  • Speeding up the data configuration
  • Analyzing computation results better

Duration: 3 days

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