Level: Beginner Inter-company course: No In-company course: Yes

This training is an introduction to structural analysis with Z-set, software for the calculation and analysis of non-linear structures and materials.

Z-set_structural_non-linear_analysis2This introductory course gives a quick and comprehensive introduction to the applications of Z-set software. It is recommended to engineers who are willing to use Z-set as a finite element solver for the simulation of general non-linear thermomechanical problems. This one-day training provides basic knowledge about the workflow and setup steps to perform nonlinear structural analyses with Z-set. Questions about the Zebulon FE solver will be answered.


  • Understanding of Z-set’s simulation workflow
  • Seting up data for non-linear structural analysis
  • Launching computations
  • Results visualization, interpretation and analysis
  • Performing simple post-processing analyses

Duration: 1 day

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