Level: Beginner

Inter-company course: No

In-company course: Yes

Covering three days, this course will be your first approach to THERCAST® software for continuous casting applications. 


THERCAST_continuous_casting_simulationThe first day lets you understand all of the data setup phases with special attention devoted to building the casting machine. The second day will highlight the different kinds of computations as well as how to analyze the main results. Lastly, a number of key functions will be covered like identifying internal defects, predicting segregation, using TTT diagrams, point tracking and customizing the working environment.


  • Data setup for continuous casting 
  • Launching a single computation and/or a computation sequence
  • Analyzing simulation results
  • Using the continuous casting machine definition interface
  • Studying the entire process (primary and secondary cooling)
  • Identifying and interpreting casting defects (bulging, cracks, etc.)
  • Studying variations in physical values (temperature, pressure, etc.) at any point in the cast product (slab, bloom)
  • Customizing your working environment

Duration: 3 days

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