Level: Beginner

Inter-company course: No

In-company course: Yes

This course will be your first approach to THERCAST® software from data setup to launch of calculation and analysis. Other specialized notions will be explained such as failure criteria, the impact of heat exchanges, TTT diagrams, segregation, etc.


Ingot casting trainingThe first day lets you understand all of the data setup steps, the procedure for launching computations and how to analyze the main results. The second day will be devoted to a more indepth analysis of new concepts such as hot tearing and the impact of heat exchanges (influence of air gaps). A number of key functions will also be covered such as point tracking, using TTT diagrams, predicting segregation, handling knock-out and lastly, customizing the working environment.


  • Data setup for ingot casting
  • Launching a single computation and/or a computation sequence
  • Analyzing simulation results
  • Studying the entire process (filling from the trumpet, cooling and strip out)
  • Allowing for exothermic powders and refractory materials
  • Identifying and interpreting casting defects (shrinkage, porosity, cracks, etc.)
  • Studying variations in physical values (temperature, pressure, etc.) at any point on the part and the molds
  • Predicting stress states and mold deformation
  • Customizing your working environment

Duration: 2 days

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