Level: Beginner Inter-company course: No In-company course: Yes

Z-mat includes several pieces of software which constitute an efficient set of tools for advanced material-oriented FE analysis. In this course, you will learn advanced Z-mat’s material models used within major FE solvers.

Z-mat_tube_connections_TMFThis one-day training session provides basic knowledge about the use of Z-mat and major external FE solvers like Abaqus, Ansys and Samcef, and a large base of constitutive plasticity and viscoplasticity models. Participants will discover the technical aspects, available tools and options of the Z-mat’s interface. In addition, the results interfaces that enable the use of Z-master and Z-post modules for visualization and data post-processing will be presented.


  • Understanding of User Material subroutine principles
  • Setup of simulations with linear and non-linear material models
  • Launching computations
  • Results visualization, interpretation and analysis

Duration: 1 day

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