Niveau : Fortgeschritten
Firmenübergreifender Kurs : Ja
Firmeninterner Kurs: Ja
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Beherrschen Sie Ihre Induktionserwärmungsprozesse und optimieren Sie das Design des Induktors, die Stromfrequenz, die Generatorleistung usw. 


After some theoretical refreshers, you will study how to implement simulated induction heating with a static billet or one that moves through the inductor. You will be able to analyze the influence of the inductor’s design, of the presence of concentrators and test the impact of the various generator parameters. Then you will go on to look at heating for the heat treatment placing the accent on metallurgical aspects, predicting the area that is thermally affected and the use of static inductors or ones with their own kinematics. This way you will understand the thermal and electromagnetic phenomena for optimizing heating conditions.


  • Understanding the theoretical models implemented for the induction process: Maxwell's equations, thermal solver and coupling algorithm
  • Knowing how to define and modify the various process parameters that may influence heating efficiency (intensity and frequency of the incoming current)
  • Mastering the mesh immersion technique to generate the overall mesh (air+billet+inductor)
  • Simulating induction heating prior to forging or heat treatment
  • Determining the heat penetration depth and assessing the size of the heat affected area
  • Avoiding defects linked to non-uniform temperature profiles and improving the quality of the manufactured part
  • Optimizing generator parameters to reduce energy costs and increase productivity

Duration: 2 days

Dates 2023 (in-company training): 23-24 March / 20-21 July / 23-24 November

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