Niveau : Mittelstufe
Firmenübergreifender Kurs : Ja
Firmeninterner Kurs: Ja
Dieser Kurs wird nur in englischer Sprache gehalten.

Zuerst werden Sie die neuen Funktionen in der grafischen Oberfläche entdecken. Anschließend üben Sie mit verschiedenen Tutorials, die Ihren Tätigkeitsbereich veranschaulichen.


Are you already familiar with the new THERCAST® NxT environment and do you want to improve your knowledge of the software? Discover the new features in NxT 3.0 and learn the best practices right now to make the best out of the software!
At the end of this training, you will have full knowledge of the functionalities in NxT 3.0. First you will discover the new features in the graphical interface. You will then practice with different tutorials illustrating your sector of activity. THERCAST® NxT 3.0 improves your experience through user interface customization, faster and easier navigation, and new shortcuts.


  • Mastering the new features in THERCAST®
  • Taking advantage of these features according to your sector of activity
  • Efficiently simulating various foundry processes
  • Improving the quality of cast parts thanks to even more predictive results
  • Developing fruitful exchanges with our simulation experts

Duration: 1 day

Dates (inter-company course) 2024:  13 February / 03 June / 24 October

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