Niveau : Anfänger
Firmenübergreifender Kurs : Nein
Firmeninterner Kurs: Ja
Dieser Kurs kann nur in englischer Sprache gehalten werden.

Probieren Sie das REM3D®-Erlebnis aus und erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Rheologiesimulationen, um Ihre Injektionsprozesse besser zu verwalten!


This course will be your first approach to REM3D® software. Based on an example including the three conventional ‘fillingcompacting- cooling’ phases, the first day lets you perform the data setup, computation launch and analysis of the main results operations. The second day will be devoted to a more indepth analysis of results such as the solidified thickness, the closing force, fault detection. Other key functions will also be covered, such as the AAA remesh technique, managing the pressure cycle, the impact of heat regulation, point tracking and to finish off, the part’s dimensional inspection with the shrinkage phenomenon. 


  • Data setup for an injection case
  • Launching a computation on one or more cores
  • Analyzing simulation results
  • Identifying and interpreting injection defects
  • Monitoring physical values (temperature, pressure, etc.) at any point on the part
  • Testing the influence of process parameters (feed gate, heat regulation, holding pressure, etc.)
  • Understanding and quantifying shrinkage/deformation phenomena
  • Exporting a simulation report
  • Customizing your working environment

Duration: 1.5 day

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