Niveau : Anfänger
Firmenübergreifender Kurs : Nein
Firmeninterner Kurs: Ja
Dieser Kurs wird nur in englischer Sprache gehalten.

Sie lernen, ein Projekt gemäß der verwendeten Gießereitechnik zu konfigurieren, zu starten und zu analysieren. Dann sehen Sie einige erweiterte Funktionen wie Eigenstrahlung und Temperaturwechsel. 


THERCAST® has a template dedicated to sand casting, shell casting, low-pressure casting, high-pressure casting, etc. THERCAST® allows you to simulate your foundry processes in a predictive way. On the first day of this training course, you will learn how to configure and launch a project according to the given foundry technique. Analyzing results will be covered in order to study the full process, physical variations and defects. During the second day, advanced functions such as self-radiation and heat cycling will be presented.


  • Data setup for continuous casting
  • Launching computation and/or a computation sequence
  • Analyzing simulation results
  • Studying full process (filling, cooling)
  • Studying physical value variations (temperature, liquid fraction, etc.)
  • Identifying and interpreting casting defects (shrinkage, porosity, etc.)
  • Customizing your working environment

Duration: 2 days

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