Discover our video about modeling of microstructure evolutions during metal forming


One major difficulty, which will be discussed in this presentation, is to propose an efficient and precise global numerical framework allowing to take into account the principal and concomitant mechanisms at work during metal forming. This objective becomes crucial when industrial applications with realistic thermomechanical paths are considered. The capabilities of recent developments, based on a finite element - level set numerical framework and on the basis of the TRANSVALOR DIGIMU® software package, to model, at a representative volume element scale, microstructure evolutions during industrial thermomechanical paths and for different materials will be illustrated. The emphasis will be placed on the future functionalities

Speaker: Marc Bernacki, Professor and Permanent Researcher, Cemef

Conference: Transvalor International Simulation Days, 15-17 Oct. 2019, Sophia Antipolis, France

Subtitles available in English and French.