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Transvalor has several partners:





CEMEF is a leader research center in material forming and numerical analysis. It associates high level research, research teaching and training as well as an active collaboration in the worldwide industrial environment. It is part of the research center MINES ParisTech, associated to the CNRS and is also part of the Carnot-Mines Institute. Transvalor is closely linked with the CEMEF. This partnerhip allows a constant flow of advanced scientific developments that translate into new features to Transvalor's products but also brand new innovative solutions.




The German Forge Association ("Deutsche Massivumformung")

You want to be aware of the forge market in Germany, check this website (in German only). Among other things, you will find a directory of members with filters on various products sought and links to the partner network of the association.



The German Cold Forging Group ("German Cold Forging Group-GCFG")

The German Cold Forging Group (GCFG) is a consortium of large companies and scientific institutes in the field of cold forming. The goal is to promote technology, its development of community research. The German Group is a joint organization of the German Forge Association and the German Fasteners Association ("Deutscher Schraubenverband").




The Forge and Foundry Federation

The Forge and the Foundry are big players of French industry: these industries employ together more than 43000 emloyees and is at the third Europeab row. Discover on its website the principal economic data which will allow you to situate our industries on the economic plan. The main objectives of the Forge Foundry Federation are to federate and represent its members, but also to defend their collective interests according to their socio-economic environment (public authorities, clients sector, suppliers, etc.).






The innovative center Capenergies is composed of a network of big industrial groups, companies, research and teaching companies, and financial institutions. Since its creation, the innovative cebter is supported by three major members; the Corsica Regional Authority represented by the ADEC, the CEA and EDF. Capenergies rises to two major challenges of our society: the energy transition and the French competitiveness. That's why, since 2013, Capenergies is turned toward economic development accompanying of its territories and value creation for its members. The innovative center also aims to federate its members in order to create a strong ecosystem. To answer this different assignments, Capenergies has at is disposal three services portfolios: a first one dedicated to accompanying services for companies growth, another one dedicated to services for innovation, and a last one dedicated to services to authorities.



The Association of India Forging Industry 

The Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) is a conglomeration of forging firms and companies located in India. The association seeks to promote the interests of the forge industry. It has 185 membres and about 50 associate members. 





Forging Industry Association

Located in Cleveland, the Forge Industry Association's primary mission is to represent the interest of the Nord American forging industry since 1913. Today, it is made of more than a hundred companies that manufacture about 75% of the volume of custom forgings proceed in the US, Canada and Mexico and have suppliers that manufacture equipment or materials or provide services used by the forging industry.


The Society of Automotive Engineers 

Founded in 1927, the SIA (Automobile Engineers Society) brings together specialists and enthusiasts of the automotive industry who wish to join the reflection and progress of the industry by sharing information and knowledge. The organization has 1 200 members. It is the privileged place for professionals to promote their business, freely discuss the challenges of the automobile and the adaptation of its technologies to the environment of tomorrow.


The French Society of Plastic Engineers 

SFIP, the French Society of Plastic Engineers, is an association bringing together players in the plactics industry, from the automotive, packaging, building, electrical & electronic equipment, sports and leisure and aeronautics. 


The Polymer Processing Society 

The Polymer Processing Society was founded in 1985 at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA. The goals of the PPS are to foster scientific understanding and technical innovation in polymer processing by providing a discussion forum fot the worldwide community of engineers and scientists in the field. 

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