World leader in simulation of material forming processes

Transvalor is a French company, founded in 1984, with its headquarters located in the Sophia Antipolis technology park in the South of France. It is above all a multicultural team who is passionate about cutting-edge technology and driven by a desire for innovation in order to always offer the best solutions to its customers. Transvalor offers a unique solution platform able to simulate the overall manufacturing process, from the raw material to the product in-use properties.




Transvalor's journey to 2025

During the Transvalor International Simulation Days 2021, Fausto Gill di Vincenzo, Executive VP - Sales and Marketing, interviewed our President Robert Brunck and our CEO Stéphane Heitz to learn more about Transvalor's strategy in the current crisis.
Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace and providing opportunities for those who are able to adapt quickly and rethink processes and products.
How will these transformations affect traditional manufacturers, suppliers and other industries? A good strategy is decisive for long-term success in the market, even after the crisis.
Now more than ever, Transvalor is convinced that real-time innovation is the key to helping companies emerge and weather the crisis successfully.

Our strengths for industry sectors

Transvalor has developed an extensive suite of high performance simulation software that addresses a wide range and variety of forming processes, for metallic solid and liquid materials as well as for polymers. These solutions perfectly meet the challenges of the industry to effectively deal with the main stakes related to costs, quality/safety and technological innovation.



Why choose for Transvalor?

To choose for Transvalor is trusting the expertise of our teams and the excellence of the products which have been providing our customers with a head start for over 35 years.

A multisectoral know-how

Transvalor’s products are used in most of the material forming operations. These simulation tools provide a significant engineering and manufacturing know-how for a large number of industrial sectors like Automotive, Aeronautic, Energy, Construction, Medical, Watchmaking, Sports & leisure, as well as many other sectors.

Forge svg (1)
for all your metal forming processes

Colform svg (1)
for cold forming and stamping

Simheat svg (1)
for heat treatment processes

Thercast svg (1)
for all foundry processes

Transweld svg (1)
for welding processes

Digimu svg (1)
for the microstructural changes

for foam injection and molding applications

for fatigue and crack analysis

Why Invest in Simulation

Transvalor’s software for process simulation is fully integrated into the development cycle for manufactured products, from the R&D phase through to costing figures and final industrialization.

If you are a process designer, mechanical engineer or simulation expert, you will be fully capable of using Transvalor’s products. It’s not so much about diplomas as about common sense, professional experience and the technical understanding of your processes. After a specific training, the user quickly becomes autonomous and brings additional expertise to the company, making the investment thoroughly profitable. 

Digital simulation has become an essential tool, helping you design industrial parts in order to boost your innovativeness and remain highly competitive. restricting the numbers of prototypes and detecting manufacturing defects lets these solutions reduce development cycles and costs considerably. 

Transvalor’s software brings genuine added value in terms of profitability :

  • Make your manufacturing process more reliable
  • Enhance the quality of your parts
  • Optimize manufacturing processes and reduce production costs at the same time
  • Shorten the time to market
  • Respond more quickly to calls for tenders
  • Develop skills and retain the in-company know-how
  • Have a decision support tool available
  • Meet the challenges of the industry of tomorrow

A global presence

In addition to its headquarters in France, Transvalor has a global presence through its subsidiary and dense network of distributors. These distributors perform both sales and support functions. Here's how we handle customer assistance in different regions:

  • Customers in Europe and Africa are directly supported by Transvalor's headquarters.
  • Customers in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Turkey are supported by our highly qualified and specialized distributor network.
  • Our subsidiary, Transvalor AI, based in Dubai, serves customers in the Middle East, from Arabia to India.
  • Transvalor Americas Corp. covers customers in North and South America.
  • Customers in Asia are directly served by our highly qualified and specialized distributor network, including those in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and more.
  • Regarding customers in India and China, they can be supported either directly by Transvalor's headquarters or through our highly qualified and specialized distributor network.

This global presence allows us to provide efficient support and quality assistance to our customers worldwide.



The Transvalor S.A. teams are committed every day to improve the customer experience and attach great importance to the satisfaction of users of our products and services . Transvalor S.A. has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003 by an independent certification body.





They trust us

Our software provide answers to the strategic challenges of our customers, whatever their sector of activity


A strong link with research

Transvalor is born of Research and has maintained a strong association with the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF), a research center of prestigious (CEMEF - MinesParisTech), whose main activities are centered around material forming and numerical computation. This partnership provides a constant flow of advanced scientific developments that translate into innovative new functionalities to Transvalor’s products for the benefit of our customers.



Our partners

Transvalor relies on a network of partners for the greatest benefits of its products and services