Modules for the simulation of casting, forging and heat treatment

The new modularization strategy allows you to select the most relevant modules according to your manufacturing processes and product portfolio. 

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3 good reasons to opt for our modular offer


Offers dedicated to your industry

• Choose a configuration that is perfectly adapted to your needs and challenges

• Simulate the processes that correspond to your core business


Increased profitability

• Pay only for the applications and the functionalities that are relevant to you

• Optimize your number of tokens at a constant budget


Great flexibility

• Upgrade your licence by switching easily to an advanced module if your needs change 

• Benefit from the BOOST offer to access new features not included in your module

Our modular offer provides flexible and cost effective solutions from forging to foundry.

Modules for hot forging

FORGE® Hot Metal Forming ESSENTIALFORGE® Hot Metal Forming ESSENTIAL: Module dedicated to standard hot forging processes and more particularly to closed-die forging. 

FORGE® Hot Metal Forming PREMIUMFORGE® Hot Metal Forming PREMIUM: Module which includes all the functionalities described in the ESSENTIAL module with additional functionalities linked to the open-die forging and rolling of flat and long products processes. 

Module for ring rolling 

FORGE® Ring Rolling moduleFORGE® Ring Rolling: Module specifically dedicated to the ring rolling process. Your license is composed of a given number of tokens to simulate forging operations and double the tokens exclusively intended for ring rolling operations.

Module for cold forming

COLDFORM® moduleCOLDFORM®: Offer dedicated to the simulation of cold forming processes such as sheet metal forming, closed-die forming and fine cutting.

Module for heat treatment 

module_SIMHEATSIMHEAT®: Particularly intended for the simulation of heat treatment processes of metal alloys, carbon steels, titanium and aluminum alloys.


module_FORGE_all-inclusiveYou can also take advantage of our FORGE® ALL-INCLUSIVE with all the existing modules and functionalities.

Modules for foundry casting processes and ingot casting

THERCAST® Foundry & Ingot Casting ESSENTIALTHERCAST® Foundry & Ingot Casting ESSENTIAL: Basic module dedicated to foundry casting and ingot casting processes, which provides access to most of the functionalities for physical analysis and prediction of defects. 

THERCAST® Foundry & Ingot Casting PREMIUMTHERCAST® Foundry & Ingot Casting PREMIUM: Module which gives access to more advanced capabilities for metallurgical and physical analysis, in addition to all the functionalities of the ESSENTIAL module.

Module for continuous casting

THERCAST® Continuous Casting moduleTHERCAST® Continuous Casting: Module devoted to continuous casting with a dedicated graphical interface, which allows a realistic representation to all thermomechanical phenomena related to the process.


THERCAST ALL-INCLUSIVEAnd of course, you can benefit from THERCAST® ALL-INCLUSIVE with all the existing modules and

More possibilities with the BOOST offer


The BOOST is a token overflow offer that allows users to access additional resources at any time on a pay-per-use basis. Thus, you can benefit from computation options or simulation models which are not included in your initial offer. Of course, you only pay on consumption for the duration of this "enriched" simulation.


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