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Software solution for simulation of cold-forming processes

COLDFORM® is a finite element analysis software dedicated to the simulation of cold forming processes. Its advanced functionalities cover a very wide range of applications including cold heading for fasteners, cold rolling and sheet metal forming. Thus, the parts simulated are found in multiple sectors: fastening solutions, aerospace, automotive, medical, fine watchmaking.

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Sheet metal forming


Fine blanking

Conception and optimisation of cold forming processes



The benefits of COLDFORM® can be observed at all steps in your activity:

  • During the R&D phase, for the development of innovative or complexe products :

    • lifting technological barriers to innovation
    • reducing design costs

    • reducing development costs

    • making products more reliable and reducing technical risks
    • building your company’s knowledge and expertise
  • During the production phase, to optimize the various forging steps and improve manufacturing processes :

    • reducing costs related to prototyping and workshop testing

    • reducing the quantities of materials used

    • optimizing the manufacturing processes

    • extending die service life

  • During the negotiation phase, thanks to the control of production costs and improved schedule reliability:

    • considerably shortening the design phase

    • reducing material costs

    • reducing time-to-market

    • controling risk provisions


Accurate prediction of results

COLDFORM® allows you to precisely predict:

  • the exact geometry and dimensions of the final parts, taking spring-back into consideration

  • material yield through forming sequence

  • possible underfillings and folds

  • fibering and stress distribution

  • marking and monitoring of specific surfaces, such as cutting surfaces, from the initial billet to the final shape

  • damage and rupture criteria

  • residual stress distribution

  • … but also material displacement, plastic deformation, temperature and all other user-defined variables.

    Valve housing simulation on a five stations transfer press, fibering analysis.

Increase of the tools service life

COLDFORM_DieAnalysisBevelGearThe tools of cold forming undergo strong  mechanical and tribological stresses during their life cycle. These can lead in certains cases of damaged premature tools. The tools represent an important part of the manufacturing cost of a part; thus it is essential to anticipate well these problems during the designs.

COLDFORM® allows you to analyze mechanical die strength in order to extend their service life. The software can compute stress distribution within the die, along with deformations, wear, temperatures and damage at any time during the process. COLDFORM® can carry out rapid analyzes which consist in applying stresses obtained during the forming process computation, to the tools. Moreover, COLDFORM® is capable of performing coupled part/tool computations, giving extremely precise results.

Thanks to the functionalities dedicated to pre-stressed dies, it is possible to accurately determine the value of the necessary pre-stressing of the interference fit of the tools. By playing on the shape, the number of rings and materials that it composes, COLDFORM® allows you to find the best design for your tools and to guarantee the best performance and durability.
COLDFORM_von-mises 1

Prediction of Von Mises stresses of dies during the metal forming.
This calculation takes into account the pre-stressed insert.


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COLDFORM® for metal fasteners

In order to support manufacturing trends towards the production of innovative products and in order to support global requirements in terms of weight reduction, the use of simulation software such as COLDFORM® facilitates decision-making.


COLDFORM® for fine watchmaking

With COLDFORM®, we have gained acknowledged expertise in the field of simulation of parts for the fine watchmaking industry in order to accelerate development of new products and optimize your production processes.


COLDFORM® for the medical sector

To guarantee the precision, quality and security of the parts, the numerical simulation has nowadays become an essential and strategic tool for the development of the medical devices with high added value.


Competitive advantages


FORGE® expertise to serve COLDFORM®

Choose COLDFORM® and trust the expertise of our teams and the excellence of FORGE®, which carries more than 40 years of an advanced headstart for its users.


Reliability and stability

Produce high quality parts from the first batch, thanks to results that perfectly reflect reality. The stable remeshing with tetrahedral elements is perfectly adapted for successive and intensive remeshing.


Complete solution

Simulate and analyze your full cold forming sequences thanks to the large number of supported processes and the advanced analysis tools of COLDFORM®.

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