Licenses to suit your needs

Transvalor offers a wide variety of formulas for the use of its solutions, giving you complete freedom to use the software according to your needs and your growth rate.

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A simple and flexible token model



Based on compute tokens

Our licensing model works by tokens which are the basic unit of the license. Our rule is simple: 1 CPU-core = 1 compute token. Thus, a simulation launched on X cores requires as many tokens for the duration of the computation.


Combinations as you wish

You can combine and share your pool of compute tokens between users as you wish within the limit of the maximum number of tokens allowed. All combinations are possible.


Unlimited pre- and post-processing

The token pool is used only for performing computations. You are thus are not limited in terms of the number of users for all pre- or post-processing steps.

How does a Transvalor license work?

  • Your license is activated with a maximum number of tokens; this is the 'token pool'.
  • All our software is parallelized and uses multi-core architectures to reduce computing times. Each token in the pool can therefore be associated with a processor core.
  • You are free to run multiple simulations simultaneously and to freely use your token pool. For example, with a 10-token license, you can simultaneously run 2 computations on 5 cores (2x5), or 3 computations on 2 cores (3x2) and 1 computation on 4 cores (1x4). Several users can easily share the batch of tokens and thus be several to launch computations at the same time.
  • All of our tokens are said to be "floating" to offer maximum flexibility because your license is not attached to a specific computing machine. The floating license also allows you to freely launch your computations either on your usual workstation or on a dedicated computation server.

What is the role of the license server?

  • The token pool is entirely managed by a license server via the LM-X application. Its role is to release the tokens at the start of the computation and to take them back once the computation is complete.
  • The primary user's workstation can act as a license server. But you can also set up a centralized server (very useful for group licenses) or install the license on a virtualized server.
  • The license server can dispense the tokens across your entire corporate network, including in multi-site configurations. In all cases, our technical teams are there to support you.

Optimize your computation management with batches

  • Thanks to the batch manager, you can put your simulations in a queue and they will be launched automatically depending on the availability of your calculation means.
  • You can pool computations and choose to group them together in the same batch. All these computations will be automatically run one after the other. This is ideal for launching several computation projects on Friday evening and obtaining all the results on Monday morning!
  • Our software is compatible with the most common batch managers (batch scheduling) on the market (PBS Pro, Microsoft HPC job scheduler, Torque, LSF, etc.). This ensures optimized use for companies with a strong multi-user context, or with shared computing resources for all CAE software.

Tailor-made formulas

  • All our software is available as a periodic license (e.g.: yearly rental) or as a permanent license with an associated maintenance contract.
  • Our license agreements can be concluded for single-site facilities, or for multi-site configurations.
  • You can also take advantage of our modular offers (Essential, Premium, etc.) in order to choose the formula that best suits your needs or your business. >Discover