EPHJ 2023: The Must-Attend Event for the Fine Watchmaking Industry

The EPHJ exhibition is the premier event for the fine watchmaking industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world to showcase the latest innovations, products, and technologies. In 2023, the EPHJ exhibition will take place on June 6 to 9 at the Palexpo convention center in Geneva, Switzerland.

EPHJ has become an important event for the watchmaking industry, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.
This event is organized into four main sectors:
  • Watchmaking: showcasing the latest innovations in watch design, technology, and manufacturing
  • Jewelry: featuring the latest trends and designs in jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals
  • Microtechnology: showcasing the latest advances in microengineering and nanotechnology
  • Medtech: presenting the latest medical technology and innovation

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The event provides a unique opportunity to:
  • Meet with industry leaders and experts
  • Learn about the latest trends and technologies in the industry
  • Showcase their products and services
  • Network with potential customers and partners


Transvalor FORGE®, THERCAST®, and COLDFORM® solutions have been specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by this sector.

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  • FORGE® allows watchmakers and manufacturers to optimize the entire forging process, from initial billet heating to final product cooling, ensuring that every step of the process is efficient and effective.
  • THERCAST® provides detailed information on the solidification process, thermal and mechanical stresses, and potential defects. THERCAST® allows watchmakers can optimize their casting process, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of their products.
  • COLDFORM® simulates the entire cold forming process of watch components, from initial wire drawing to final product assembly. With COLDFORM®, watchmakers can achieve better control over the geometry and consistency of their products, improving their performance and durability.

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Transvalor's FORGE®, THERCAST®, and COLDFORM® solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the fine watchmaking industry.

We look forward to showcasing our solutions at the EPHJ 2023 exhibition and meeting with industry professionals to discuss their needs and challenges.

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