Simulation of glass forming with FORGE®

Glass containers are produced based on 2 major processes, blow-blow process and press-blow process. FORGE® addresses these 2 processes.

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Simulations of glass forming with FORGE®


predictive simulation

FORGE® provides an accurate prediction of:

  • The thickness in the final stage at any point of the glass container,
  • Local defects including necking defects,
  • The temperature distribution at any time of the process,
  • The optimal pressure cycle to apply.

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competitive features

  • Accurate temperature calculation with dedicated numerical methods and integration scheme as well as coupled thermal resolution with all the dies thanks to appropriate and smart contact procedure,
  • Dedicated model for glass (Fulcher) with available data and possibility to use end-user own tabulated curves,
  • Dedicated meshing technique to finely capture temperature gradient in the thickness without impacting the CPU time