Simulation of superplastic forming with FORGE®

Superplastic forming consists in forming a workpiece within a specific range of process parameters: temperature being close to half of the fusion temperature, very low strain rate, fine and homogeneous microstructure. In this process pressure is applied by a gaz in order to obtain the final geometry.

FORGE® addresses regular superplastic forming as well was superplastic forming combined with diffusion bonding.

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FORGE_superplastique (1)

Superplastic forming of a bicycle steering column made of titanium alloy


predictive simulation

FORGE® is used to predict :

  • The geometry of the component
  • The thickness and detection of possible local necking
  • Folds/laps
  • The optimal pressure cycle to maintain superplastic forming

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competitive features

  • Easy prediction of flaws
  • Easy prediction of thickness throughout the whole process
  • Embedded recrystallization laws
  • Dedicated remeshing technique for thin products combining highest accuracy level in the thickness and optimal CPU time

FORGE superplastic aerospace

Superplastic forming diffusion bonding simulation of an aerospace part