Did you know that it is possible to generate its own user solver in FORGE® software?


What's a User variable?

A user variable is, as its name suggests, a variable that the user can create either by using existing variables, or by entirely writing to meet specific needs. A user variable is calculated by a user law.

Thanks to the source files of User Variables which are available in free access, it is possible to code its own user routines in FORGE®:
  • behavior laws
  • damage laws
  • fatigue laws
  • friction laws
  • and many more !

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How to implement a user variable in FORGE®?

To implement a user law, it's necessary to have a suitable development environment and have knowledge of the Fortran 90 programming language.

Once compiled, the new library (DLL) will be associated with a solver and declared as a new user solver. Then, this solver can be used to solve calculations and will provide personalized results tailored to your needs.



To learn more about coding and using of user variables, register to our dedicated training  "FORGE® - Developing your own user routines".