Layout of Highly Stressed Injection and Motor Components


Hydraulic autofrettage technique is a specific process used in the manufacturing of automotive components such as common-rail for Diesel- injection system. These parts are subjected to cyclic stress with very high internal pressures and the autofrettage process is a mean of increasing their fatigue life.

During computational layout of this process step, consideration of anisotropic material behaviour is of primary importanceSo far, local quite possibly directional component-strength (such as due to prior autofrettage) has not been taken into account among standards to evaluation of durability for forged components.

Discover our solutionIn the context of a joint development project, this gap has been closed by Hirschvogel Automotive GroupEngineering Center Steyr and Transvalor, in a study mainly done thanks to FORGE®, simulation software for metal forming process. Furthermore, the coupling between the software FORGE® and FEMFAT® is also highlighted in order to assess the fatigue-life resistance of forged components.

This article co-written by Patrice Lasne, Simulation Expert at Transvalor, illustrates the work conducted on the ‘autofrettage’ technique.

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