WHat is the purpose of the MESSIAH Chair?


In the energy transport sector, the lifetime of industrial structures is estimated at more than forty years. The evolution and degradation of materials over time must therefore be known to guarantee the reliability and safety of facilities. Their contact with other materials is a very important parameter to qualify.


Hydrogen gas, in particular produced within the framework of the decarbonisation of energy sources, plays a major role in the aging of metallic structures and has harmful effects on their mechanical properties. It is considered to collect and distribute the hydrogen thus produced (mixed with fossil methane or biogas) using existing networks.

Thus, the aim of the ANR Industrial MESSIAH Chair is to understand the effect of hydrogen on the mechanical behavior of transport facilities and the risks of rupture. More specifically, the project will study the toughness of gas transport facilities in service by using mini-test pieces machined in coupons from the facilities.

The project must achieve four objectives:

  • To develop a procedure for the mechanical characterization of plastic and fracture behavior from millimeter coupons taken in situ
  • To extend this procedure to study hydrogen embrittlement
  • To propose a methodology for analyzing the results and transferring them to “standard” test pieces and structures
  • To develop tools simulating the coupling between hydrogen diffusion and the mechanical behavior of materials used for the manufacture of gas transport facilities.



Who are the partners?

The MESSIAH project has several stakeholders including:

  • Transvalor, simulation software publisher that offers Z-set, software for the calculation and analysis of non-linear structures and materials.
  • GRTgaz, manager of a high-pressure gas distribution network
  • Mannessmann, manufacturer of steel tubes used in energy transport
  • EDF, energy supplier
  • Air Liquide, international group specializing in industrial gases
  • ARMINES, French leader in partnership research and project leader.
  • French National Research Agency (ANR - Agence Nationale de la Recherche)


What is the link with Transvalor?

As part of the MESSIAH Chair, several theses are proposed by the Materials Center, including a CIFRE thesis funded and supported by Transvalor:

  • Finite element models for the study of hydrogen embrittlement of steel structures
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The work carried out during this thesis will be integrated into the code of the Z-set software package, developed by Transvalor.


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