Come and visit us at our virtual booth at the European trade fair Orthomanufacture, the annual event for manufacturers and subcontractors of the entire implant industry which will take place online from April 28 to April 29.

Technical and scientific conferences by experts from research, education and industry will enrich this trade fair.



Our FORGE® and THERCAST® software precisely model all stages of the manufacturing process for parts such as hip or knee prostheses.

  • For forged implants, the simulation of high precision forging helps to detect the major defects of the forging ranges in die-forging, stamping, machining for all kinds of orthopedic implants.
Replis dans une simulation
  • For cast components, simulation makes it possible, in particular in investment casting, to optimize gating system and feeders in order to obtain precise results and control the quality of orthopedic implants.
  • To improve the service life of MDs (stents), numerical simulation makes it possible to guarantee the reliability of the resistance of parts in service by carrying out studies on the behavior of medical devices in use.

  • To validate your biomechanical studies, numerical modeling can considerably contribute to innovation in this sector by studying the interactions between bones, cartilage layer and soft tissue in the case of an osteogenesis study by bone distraction, for example.


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