Benefit from the unmatched capabilities of THERCAST®

THERCAST® simulates your existing (or under development) casting processes with unmatched accuracy. This allows you to confidently make  planning and production decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises. Its high performance allow you to precisely examine your process thanks to very fine finite element meshes , to run larger numbers of simulations, or both, further improving insights and accuracy.


Testimony from Industeel France, a major metallurgical industry player

"Industeel France, a subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal Group, supplies premium alloys and products for a wide range of markets including energy, offshore drilling, molds and tooling, depollution... The products delivered can reach thicknesses of up to 900 mm. Consequently, a large part of the manufacturing is based on ingots weighing 2 to 260 tons in a wide variety of shapes (flattened, cylindrical, square or even ring shaped sections). Striving to continually improve the quality of its products, Industeel has used THERCAST® from the outset, to cast its ingots while taking into account every aspect relating to emptying the ladle, filling the ingot mold, right out to when the metal solidifies and cools.

The direct THERCAST®-FORGE® link is another plus for planning the forging and rolling of modeled ingots."

Isabelle Poitrault,
Steel Process Section,
Le Creusot Research Center, France

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Thermo-mechanical foundation

The integrated thermal and mechanical algorithms in THERCAST® allow it to accurately model the very complex interrelationships between the liquid, solidifying and solid metal and all the elements of your casting process. 


Performance and scalability

THERCAST® is based on a performance-optimized architecture designed specifically to simulate metalcasting processes. That architecture can then be deployed on one or many processor cores, providing the level of simulation power you need.


Easy set-up and exploration

An intuitive user interface, data import capabilities, equipment templates, and other features of THERCAST make it easy to model your casting environment and quickly begin running casting simulations. They also make it easy to run answer “what-if” questions about optimizing your existing processes without putting production at risk. 


Start-to-finish simulation

Unique to THERCAST® is its ability to simulate every step of your  foundry, ingot or continuous casting process. Alternative approaches typically involve software tools from different vendors, presenting you with training, licensing, maintenance and compatibility challenges.

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