The culmination of shared objectives

Transvalor and Quaker Houghton have formalized their strategic and technological partnership, solidifying several joint actions initiated almost 3 years ago.

Quaker Houghton, from the recent combination between Quaker Chemical and Houghton International, is the global leader in manufacturing industrial process fluids to the primary metals and metalworking markets. They offer oils, lubricants, greases, polymers and other metalworking fluids used to improve the performance and safety of forged, rolled or molded parts, but also to reduce total costs.

As part of this strategic partnership, Transvalor and Quaker Houghton are collaborating on improving the performance of quenchants and lubricants. Quaker Houghton's industrial know-how combined with Transvalor's expertise in process simulation offers new opportunities to produce high-quality components, increase the mastery of manufacturing processes and thus, strengthen the effectiveness of our customers.


Enhance the predictive state of simulations

A first concrete application of this partnership relates to the characterization of a selected group of quenchants. From experimental data provided by Quaker Houghton, Transvalor has developed an ‘inverse analysis’ methodology to define the heat exchange files parameters specific to each quenchant.

These results strengthen FORGE® and SIMHEAT® software with perfectly qualified data, allowing to simulate processes with an increased accuracy. The user can thus perform heat treatment simulations by selecting the corresponding Quaker Houghton fluid and analyze the evolution of mechanical, metallurgical and microstructural properties.


Improve the performance of quenchants

A case study made on the quenching of bearing rings has been jointly presented during the TISD 2019. The aim was to evaluate the replacement conditions for an ‘oil+salt’ quenching bath by a ‘water+polymer’ one, for environmental reasons.

The simulation made it possible to compare the performance of various quenchants and to validate a polymer solution that delivers similar results to an oil solution, in terms of metallurgical properties, residual stresses and distortions.

This study confirms the possibility to model new generations of fluids upstream and thus having a more precise vision of the expected performance results.


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Who is Quaker Houghton ?

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Quaker Houghton is the global leader in industrial process fluids. With a robust presence around the world, including operations in over 25 countries, their customers include thousands of the world’s most advanced and specialized steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies. Their high-performing, innovative and sustainable solutions are backed by best-in-class technology, deep process knowledge and customized services. With 4,000 employees, including chemists, engineers and industry experts, they partner with their customers to improve their operations so they can run even more efficiently, even more effectively, whatever comes next.