Simulation to serve design and process development for aircraft engine parts

The Turkish company TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) has chosen to use FORGE® for its highly accurate results and multi-core simulation capabilities. FORGE® enables TEI to simulate complex manufacturing processes related to heating and cooling, as well as hot and cold forming processes.

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TEI, a major player on the Turkish aerospace market

TEI was founded in 1985, was founded in 1985 as a joint venture of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc., General Electric (GE), Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) and Turkish Aeronautical Association (TAA).

Known for its high-quality products and services, TEI designs and manufacture parts and module for aircraft engines  in line with aerospace international standards

ONATUS, provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions for the Turkish market but also distributor of Transvalor's software, proposed TEI to use FORGE® solution to reach this goal. 

Manufacture as accurately as possible

To overcome this requirement, TEI seeks to optimize its forging processes in order to provide parts corresponding the best to the designed parts. The calculation speed and the extremely accurate results have been the differentiating factors compared to other solutions. That's why FORGE® has met TEI expectations.

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