The Advanced Forming Research Centre, center of excellence specialized in inovative manufacturing technologies, uses FORGE® and DIGIMU® software to support them in the microstructural modeling. 

(For your information the video below has subtitles available in English, German and French)


why did AFRC choose TRANSVALOR ?


1. the reasons 

The AFRC has chosen to engage themselves with Transvalor for two main reasons: 

  • For the response provided by the software FORGE®  and DIGIMU® to the needs of the center in terms of microstructural modeling .

  • For the richness of the exchanges and the technical support offered by Transvalor on complex issues. 


2. The AFRC and Transvalor: An enriching partnership 

The two structures agree on the idea that modeling is not limited to simple simulations but well beyond that. 

Modeling is also and especially, the interactions between on the one hand, those who understand and carry out the processes and on the other hand, those who develop the software.  

Solving the problem requires a series of discussions which make it possible to best link the numerical solution and the real process. 

Thanks to Transvalor, the AFRC can move forward serenely in its search of innovative solutions and the achievement of its objectives. 


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