LISI Aerospace, designer and manufacturer of fasteners for the aerospace, has been working with FORGE® software for 10 years in order to accelerate its process development and upgrade the software solution.

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How does Transvalor support Lisi aerospace to accelerate its development?


1. optimize its processes thanks to the simulation

LISI Aerospace has both an activity of designer and manufacturer of fastening elements (screw, nuts, crimped or riveted systems) but also of manufacturer of aerospace structural components (front slope of the reactor, turbine blades, air intake...).
The company has to develop and study various forming processes, which are simulated with FORGE® software :
  • Forging
  • Stamping
  • Extrusion
  • Other hot forging processes 

2. accelerate the development of manufacturing sequences

Thanks to the improvement and evolution of the software solution, FORGE® allows LISI Aerospace to accelerate the development of its manufacturing sequences considerably. 
"FORGE® accelerates the development of LISI Aerospace and helps them in choosing the most relevant technical solutions." 
Antoine VILLET, Simulation and Materials Manager at the Research and Development center of LISI Aerospace - France

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