NTN-SNR, manufacturer of mecanical bearings for the automotive and aerospace industries, uses the software FORGE® to optimize its industrial processes.

Watch the testimonial of Victor Lejay, Research Process Innovation Engineer at NTN-SNR Roulements (France) 

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How did NTN-SNR successfully optimize its industrial processes with FORGE® software?


1. what types of industrial applications does this software answer?

To meet classic applications or more complexe ones, NTN-SNR has been using the FORGE® software solution for 40 years and to optimize all of its industrial processes such as:

  • Hot forging (classic application)
  • Cold forging (classic application)
  • Complex heat treatment (e.g. heat treatment by induction: a mix of metallurgic and electromagnetic phenomena) 


2. an essential simulation tool for companies

Today the simulation capabilities of FORGE® software allows to avoid costly experiments and gain a considerable amount of time in the design of new products. Therefore, the simulation allows NTN-SNR to design new tools with the expected technical characteristics on the first try.

For NTN-SNR, working with the software FORGE® has become essential for two major reasons: 

  • It allows you to save time 
  • It allows you to save money
"Today, we cannot do without the simulation. It has become and essential step in the development of our processes."
LEJAY Victor - Innovation Engineer

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