Set up, schedule, run and manage simulations with ease

THERCAST® software is designed for easy, effective and flexible deployment and use in your environment. It includes efficient tools for computation management and it is specifically compatible with the batch managers PBS Pro on Linux and Windows HPC job scheduler. These ones allow to take the maximum benefits from computation machines by handling automatically the batch queues.

THERCAST® includes powerful tools to manage simulations, priorities, tokens and other operating parameters offering a large flexibility and the highest possible processor cores usage.

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THERCAST® contains a number of features to allow you to easily create a model of your existing or planned casting process, which you can then use to run process simulations. You can import detailed information about your environment directly from CAD systems, and you can take advantage of THERCAST® equipment templates to model the components of your process.


Parallel computing architecture

The THERCAST® solver, which conducts your simulations, can run on as few as one processor core, or on a theoretically unlimited number (subject to the software license you choose), allowing you to apply the amount of computing power you need.


Unlimited use of pre- and post-processors

Tools and pre-processor modules included with THERCAST® help you to model your environment in preparation for running simulations. Post-processor modules help you to visualize, analyze and present the results of the simulations in animations. THERCAST® tools and pre- and post-processor modules can be deployed and used on as many machines as you like, without licensing restrictions.


Dynamic license allocation for solver

The licensing mechanism for the THERCAST® solver is based on "tokens," each allowing the operation of the solver on a single core. Packages of tokens are offered so that you can economically purchase the level of capability you need. A powerful scheduler built into THERCAST® manages the supply of available tokens, ensuring that cores are kept busy and that simulations are conducted as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Remote and mobile users

The THERCAST® scheduler allows remote and mobile users to launch simulations and to borrow tokens as needed (subject to the software license you choose). This provides the greatest possible flexibility in large or multiple-site environments.

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