Easily model an existing casting process, or one you’re planning or imagining

A key enabler of useful, practical simulation is the ability to easily and quickly create a model of your existing or planned casting process.


Ease of use

THERCAST® features a powerful, intuitive user interface that minimizes training time. In most cases, useful defaults are set, allowing you to proceed as quickly as possible through the setup process. Templates also facilitate easy modeling of existing or planned casting processes.

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Easy deployment

The architecture and licensing of THERCAST® make it easy to deploy it in ways appropriate to your environment and your users.


Import from CAD systems

THERCAST® is compatible with the most common CAD exchange formats allowing to import the geometries of the various components of the casting equipment (e.g. molds, dies,...) in respect with the coordinate system of the original CAD model. This reduces data setup time, and allows simulations to take place sooner.


Integrated equipment templates

THERCAST® also includes templates to be used to model the laddle, the tundish, the rolls, the sprays, the molds and other components of your casting process. The use of templates allows to model your process and to execute simulations more quickly.


"What-if" analyses

The powerful features and the high performance of THERCAST® software make it possible to efficiently explore large numbers of process scenarios, adjusting parameters and seeing results, all without the setup of casting equipment or the interruption of current casting operations.