Every two years, Transvalor organizes the Transvalor International Simulation Days, three days of conferences, networking and exhibition organized around a main theme: material forming simulation.

Find all the information about the TISD 2024 on www.tisd.transvalor.com ◀️

This year, Transvalor is also celebrating its 40th anniversary, and the TISD 2024 is the occasion to celebrate along with all our customers and partners.



More than 250 participants and 52 presentations

After the success of the previous editions of Transvalor International Simulation Days, we are back with the fourth edition of this event intended for industralists and academics in the field of simulation of material forming processes.

The event, organized at the Hotel Pullman Cannes Mandelieu from September 30th to October 2nd, 2024, brings together more than 250 participants, including some of our customers, academic, technological and research partners as well as as our network of global distributors.




The goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the latest technologies, industrial innovations, and research projects related to process simulation, covering a broad spectrum such as hot and cold metal forming, heat treatment, metal casting, welding, microstructure evolution, fatigue and fracture mechanics, lightweighting, numerical process chain and interoperability, digital twin, artificial intelligence, and more.

The 52 presentations made by Transvalor customers, partners or Transvalor teams promise to be very successful.

The opportunity to know the future of Transvalor

Regarding Transvalor presentations, the latest features of our software will be unveiled, covering various aspects such as forging, foundry, structural analysis, welding, plastic injection, and microstructural evolution.

Additionally, our Managing Director will present the development strategy for the coming years, providing valuable insights into our vision and goals.

Winners of the Best Presentation Awards

Participants are invited to vote for the best presentations. The winners will be announced during the closing address.

Spaces for networking

This event is also an opportunity to connect specialists from different sectors and to create potential links between industrial companies and/or research laboratories.

Finally, slots will be dedicated to Speed Meetings to facilitate exchanges between Transvalor experts/exhibitors and participants. These sessions will permit to approach in one-to-one meetings to address specific topics.


We will take advantage of your presence for those three days to share an excellent gala dinner with entertainment and surprises on Tuesday, October 1st.

Good benefits for exhibitors

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their offerings in synergy with Transvalor's activities, enabling them to engage in fruitful exchanges and potentially gain positive commercial benefits. Pitch sessions and supplier talk sessions are occasions for exhibitors to showcase their solutions. Additionally, Speed Meetings will be organized to facilitate direct exchanges between exhibitors and participants, fostering meaningful connections and business opportunities.